Respect is actually the building block of a healthy relationship !

You have to give it in order to get it .When two people respect each other they tend to support each other , they have unweaving trust for one another and they also value each others independence .Respect enhances your freedom to be yourself and to communicate freely with a honest mind . When there is mutual respect between lovers they respect each others boundaries and encourage one another to spend time with other friends and families .

They are also able to make decisions together easily and come to a satisfying compromise .

Showing respect does not only have to do with your actions but also with your words .Belittling your spouse with your words ,putting him or her down with unreasonable accusations are forms of verbal abuse and also emotional abuse as well ,these make your relationship very unhealthy .

Using abusive words ,getting overly jealous , ignoring them publicly or being too possessive by monitoring them everywhere they go also kills your relationship .

You’ve got to respect yourself ,feel good about the relationship and not feel pressured to do something to because others are actually doing it but because you have proven such actions to be the right thing to do .

You have to make a choice to respect your partner , yourself and also respect your relationship and also be aware that you deserve respect whether or not you are respected .



1.Be ready to listen closely to your partners emotional ,financial needs ,paying good attention to their desires and worries .

2.Having listened , you need to show them that you have observed worries and noticed their needs and then take some actions to do something about it and be prompt about it showing up on time without delay really helps .procrastinating is as good as ignoring or not listening at all .

3 .Always appreciate your spouse not for what they have but for who they are and you don’t have to compare them with others but should you have to do that it has to be in a way to caress their ego or to speak about their strength .

4.Do not violate confidentiality or open up secrets between you and your spouse to other parties and should you have complaints , talk to your partner instead of relating your complaints to an outsider .

5.Be humorous but know the kind of jokes that could hurt your partner or dig out past wounds .

  1. Be very careful when resolving conflicts ,avoid rude body languages including rolling of eyes ,unnecessary clapping of hands and replace every harsh words with gentle language .Be patient in times like this and also be careful of the tone at which you communicate and finally

7.Support your partners point of view if they insist and assure them that there is room for multiple opinions .

Research By P.M.S


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