Relationship goals have suddenly become a thing of social media phenomenon topping the chart of the thoughts of over 60% of the internet users .Its lit-up , sweet ,over-the-top ,hysterical ,inflated and some bizarre ideas of what a perfect relationship goal should be when they look through the windows of the internet and the imagery it creates has made a lot of people confused and lost the true essence of it.


However its important to understand some fundamental foundation of an ideal relationship yet in the midst of all the hype, fantasies and euphoria of what you see on social media about relationship goals.


A basic relationship goal should be about a lesson, value or experience you looking out for in your relationship within a short or long time .A basic relationship goal should rather be inspirational instead of an unattainable fantasy .

It should be viewed on how best to give and receive love in relationship .Nothing more or less .

Just because you don’t have matching Bentleys, doesn’t mean you cant be besties !

Relationship goals should be based on facts and not fantasies. Here are some basic relationship goals that could make your relationship better.





As a couple its great to have a goal of being independence in spite of the general ideology of two coming together as one .its quite important in a relationship that the two people maintain their individuality an independence .which gives both ends a sense of fulfillment satisfaction and achievement except in cases when both have 90% unified purpose in .Falling into a trap of “two-become –one” is so easy .it is important for each individual to find a solid ground for their independency for growth and expansion yet as they become one .

Commitment in all odds

Life is not a bed of roses as its sometimes smooth on certain days and on other days it’s the other way round .One should understand that sometimes your in a good place and sometimes your in a bad place .what makes every difference is your loyalty in all season good or bad .

Going into a relationship with a goal of total commitment and loyalty through thick and thin makes your relationship stand the test of time as storms and billows will rise against the walls of every relationship but your values will sustain it through it all.

Continuous or Lifelong learning

As a couple or as an individual who understand the advantage of expanding and challenging each other positively over the years ,continuous learning becomes a  necessity .Lifelong learning of new skills and knowledge together keeps your intellect sharp and keeps your interest fresh and also keeps your heart young .The moment you stop leaning new things and being creative your heart begins to grow old and likewise the inner beauty which sparks up the fire in relationship.


Regular date night routine

One of the most romantic goals to nurture in a relationship is to make date nights and stick to it .Date nights always makes your partner feeling like a lover and it does give you both a chance to give each other some special attention and to making each other a priority .Ability to make out time for each other even in the midst of busy schedule is an awesome goal to look out for in relationship .


Handling with care

This is an ultimate goal and its simply about both parties taking special care of each other and putting each others interest a thing of high priority .Understanding each others emotions and handling it with utmost care and respect ,placing a high value on him or her is a goal that could change your relationship forever !


Doing things for each other actively

There is no goal as simple as actively helping each other .Taking your spouse for granted is very injurious to a healthy relationship .Relationship is about sacrifice and commitment and its not going to come all easy ,it must be worked out .The ability to imbibe the culture of actively helping out in times of need when things are urgent or not is a great goal to nurture for a successful relationship .


Be real and honest

Feeling comfortable with yourself around your spouse without attachments is a great goal to look out for .Develop an attitude that will build your confidence and make you relax with them in your realest conditions .

The best version of you is the real version of you ! Feeling comfortable and awesome just like in your early morning breathe ,with your sleepy eyes when you have no make-ups ,uncombed hair should be your usual every moment attitude with your partner .


Being Romantic

Sometimes individual backgrounds and other childhood factors might have had a negative effect on their ability to be romantic but that is not to say it can not be developed after all nobody was born with a 100% super-angelic or romantic ability ,they were developed one way or the other .Being romantic doesn’t cost so much all you need to do is simple things that will make each other feel loved and cherished .

Taking advantage of the simple things of life could impact your relationship immensely .Stargaze with them at evenings ,waking up early to watch the sunrise ,holding hands, having a bubble bath at home , playing games , Serving each other Breakfast in bead,use of pet names buying them surprise gifts ,all these are worth the effort .Being romantic is an awesome goal to nurture in a relationship .Romance is never out of fashion !



Trust is one of the strongest and basic foundation of a successful relationship and it’s a goal to work out .its important to understand that in spite of our ugly past and bad experience with people we must put all that aside and embrace an attitude of trust if we really want our relationship to thrive .Its true that our character and attitude is shaped by the influence of others on us over many years but we must overcome all of that negative influence now , erase every vibe our toxic relationship has brought into our lives and give room for a fresh start with a pure heart .Even though you may think its not easy as it sounds but remember The greatest battle of man is to conquer himself ! You want to do everything that will enhance trust to establish a strong unshakeable foundation for your relationship and make it work .Snooping through you partners phone when they left them ,Taking a peek on their messages and calls or their social media apps could bring negative ripple effect on your relationship and collapse the wall of trust .Trust is a valuable goal ! Seek it ,earn it !

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