Wails ring through from afar,

Tearing the silence of the night apart.

It was the cry of a woman in deep pain

The echoes of a “sweetheart” in deep pain


Overwhelmed by the pain, she shouts out!

Chocked by his rage, she cries out!

Blows after blows descends mightily on her

But nothing could stop him from dealing with her

Nothing could stop him from giving her more

Every punch seems to fuel his rage even more


Gradually, the sound of her cries drifts away

And her body droops lifelessly in dismay

She lays unconscious, unable to shout

Unable to fight, unable to cry

His Sweetheart was gone!


Hot Flashes of memories began to return

It was then he realised what he had done

But it was too late to be sorry

Too late to change the story

Of how his sweetheart died in his hands.


Another wail rang through from afar

But this time it was his and ‘twas louder than the first

Waking the owls and sending them to flight

All he had lived for and toiled for is gone

You never know what you have until it’s gone

(A brief poetry on the dangers of domestic violence by Joseph Martin Alex)



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