United states government shuts down

Tension rises in united states over the imminent government shut down over the congress refusal to fund the $5billion Trumps long promised boarder wall project .

Mulavaney the U.S incoming chief of staff says that the wall isn’t the and only way to resolve the issue of illegal immigration ,while others says that the decision looks childish

However few hours ago President Trump posted a video on twitter saying he is proud to shut down the government .he also says in the video that nobody knows technology than he does .The president also protests that “ Its up to the democrats , it’s a democrats shut down”

Furthermore Late Thursday Trump tweeted : “Thank you to GREAT Republican Members of congress for your VOTE to fund Border Security and Wall .The final votes were 217-185 .and many have said that the enthusiasm was greater than they have seen before .Now on to the senate

This apparently is the third government shut down in a single year ,the first was in January , second in February and now the third .The country is now being plunged into chaos over the shut down as nobody knows how long this third shutdown is going to last as the senate raises opposition over the boarder wall bill .Also the democrats have already made their opposition clear over the $5billion boarder wall spending bill .

The president says his reason for the shut down this is for signing a controversial law .This decision however is certain to affect hundreds of thousands of u.s employees as they will have to work without pay for as long as it last although President Donald trump says that the shut down will not last long .

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