www.thisisitng.com James-Mattis
www.thisisitng.com James-Mattis

James mattis the U.S. defense secretary has submitted his resignation letter over dispute on trumps decision to withdraw 5000 American military troops from Syria and cutting of 14,000 of its troops from Afghanistan .

According to mattis , Trump deserves a defense secretary that is much more in line with his views .

He says the policy is an attempt to destroy the allies of the state .

Steven miller the senior trump adviser is the only one who does not seem to see things differently . he stipulates that the United State is dragged into conflict of other countries from its sacrificial to the u.s to waste lives of her troops year after year by remaining in Syria .

However the withdrawal seems to be a betrayal of the kurds in Syria .Moreover one of the negative effect of this new policy on the united states is that the stock market is now down by another 500 points


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