More than than 373 people have now been killed ,1016 injured ,57 are missing and 11,000 displaced in the sudden tsunami disaster that attacked in Indonesia on Saturday night .

The wave also struck parts of Sumatra and java without warning.

Indonesian rescuers are now digging with equipment and even bare hands

While people are still looking for their loved ones as many are still reported missing.

Presidents has already ordered for tsunami early warning detectors in indeonesia.

It could actually take sometime before the cause is detected by scientist as David kennedy an associate professor says its very dangerous to undertake certain sonar monitoring at the moment . he says that the work can only be done by relatively small 10 meter vessels using multi-beam sonars which are more powerful version of fish finder .

However the leading theory of the cause according to a GNS Science seismologist Sam Taylor-Offord still seems to be the collapse of the Anak Krakatau volcano leading to an underwater landslide.


Theory says the anak krakatau volcano partially collapses during eruption causing a serious underwater landslide.

The residents complained of not seeing any warning before hand until the three metres high wave surged in and claimed hundred of lives .

However sutopo purwo Nugroho the chief spokesman for Indonesian disaster agency said the country had no warning system for landslides or volcanic eruptions.”The current warning system is only for earthquake he wrote.

Sutopo also said that Indonesia must build an early warning for tsunamis caused buy underwater landslides .

While the local residents have been warned to evacuate the coast for now as tsunamis can travel very far and fast within a short time .

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