From today,

I mean this day.


I choose to become BETTER

I just choose to work SMARTER

To think and act SHARPER

To learn to move FASTER,

To dream BIGGER and soar HIGHER

To live BETTER

And it doesn’t MATTER

to me if I have to get SWEATIER

or even work HARDER

I – JUST – CAN’T – BE the same person I was

before I got worsened

by my fears and MISTAKES

Which whisked me off like MILKSHAKES

Mixed up and locked up in a BOTTLE


My Life just can’t be THROTTLED

by fears of “What if” or “What may”

When I have Him who sets me on a high PLACE

And gives me his GRACE

that I may not be DEBASED

But reach to the BASE

of his mercy and tender love for ME


he has given up himself for ME


Upon the cross he suffered and died for ME


There he put an end to my STRIVE

And made me become more ALIVE


This selfless act of HIS

is what inspires me to be forever HIS.

So in my thoughts, words and actions

I’m not controlled by negative reactions

‘Cos to me they are simply distractions

and mere obstruction and subtractions

From the bounteous grace and mercy he has purchased for me.


And from this day,

From the depth of my heart I say

I refuse to get choked up

I refuse to get bound up

by my fears like sluggard McPherson

I choose to be a better person

And not a daunted person

I choose this day to arise

To eliminate the sighs

To keep my mind from distress

To take bold steps forward

To march onward to better things ahead

Even as I become better.


-Written by Joseph Martin Alex



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