www.thisisitng.com to all women 3
www.thisisitng.com to all women 3
A Poetry on International Women’s Day Poetry by Joseph Martin Alex “So amazing how this world was made, I wonder if God is a woman” These were the beautiful words of Shaggy in his beautifully composed song: “Strength of a woman”, indeed a song wonderfully sung. Who can fathom the value of a woman? Who can comprehend her rare gift to humanity? A woman brings life; A woman nurtures life A woman sustains life A woman is indisputably the pride of life. Her esteem is so highly placed among all creatures Her substance transcends the imagination of nature She is worth more value than any precious pearl And of her qualities, words fall too short to tell So sad it is however, that for so long a woman’s value has been underestimated. Her role in our society seems to have been restricted. Her Progress has been limited; Her Hopes has been confined; Her Dreams has been shattered; Her Career path has been dictated; Her Gift has been underestimated; Her Value has been underscored; Her Capacity has been doubted; Her rights has been trampled upon. And Her feelings has been ignored by some men who feel that she is only inferior Simply because they feel that they are more superior But this notion is simply an error It’s like seeing things only from the exterior Without paying close attention to the interior I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble I’m only trying to react to the grumble From voices of women complaining of the trouble Which daily causes them to stumble For indeed it is like an endless struggle A struggle against forces of discrimination and segregation A fight against abduction and isolation A cry against violence and exclusion From a society they love and live in A society they nurtured and believe in Their voices calls us to listen; Not just with our ears but also with our hearts even as it stiffens; Their voices are louder on this day And I hope we all listen without disdain If we can bring down the thick walls of individualism And peer through the bright lenses of feminism We would be convinced of how indebted our world is to every woman That woman next to you is worth more than everything you could imagine Rather than subject her to hostility Please treat her with Affinity She looks up to you, Press for her Progress today!
www.thisisitng.com to all women


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