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www.thisisitng.com – erectile dysfunction
A poet by Yommy Bishop 

Happiness is far from the needless star

Satisfaction denied by the noble man

Change of style and performance, a total deception

Yet his profess Love has no direction.

Fruitfulness can’t be achieved without penetration.

This change, a promise in trust

To be a better lover no matter the cost

Expecting his magic touch take her to Eldorado

But he has no balls for potent result

So, he remained incommunicado.

When this change, change not the way

But rather change the chains in the game

We all become a victim of pain.

No pain no gain, that’s their claim

But this change is driving us all insane.

When this change, change not the aim

But brings the people up for slain

We will all cry out again

Herdsmen with their machete hacking

Boko-haram still in one corner bragging.

Seems this government has no direction.

These men can’t perform, what frustration

More like an erectile dysfunction.

How would we survive this emotional defect?

Putting us all in a state of neglect.

When this change is not what was preached

The fantasy our mind can’t reach

We will lose hope and be bereaved

Cos’ it’s a fallacy of believe.

Our Economy kept nose diving, in the land poverty is biting.

When this change, change not for good

But plays us the fool

We will all be found the devil’s tool.

We will match through the land on bare foot

Until this government is giving a boot.

Old men old rags, Erection still a major snag

Impotent and unproductive, they can’t ejaculate the truth

Corruption and Impunity strongly instituted in their root.

Now that the young coalition is coming through

Hope this is not another comic book ?

erectile dysfunction




Yommy Bishop (The Preacher’s Son)


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