Once upon a time,

I was stuck between the horizons of my vision

And mazes of aspersions seamed to suffocate my passion

I was so weighed down by my own helplessness

And nothing seemed to kindle my hopefulness.

It was then I said to myself:


I can’t succeed! It’s time for me to give up!

Since all my efforts doesn’t seem to make up.

So hard I tried, to reach for it not minding all the travails;

Just to be hindered by unseen walls, fiercely standing like the hazels.


As Mists of failure questions the real essence

I paused in critical retrospect to reprimand my senses;

Yes, the mountains may be too high for me to climb through;

But giving up “Who I am” or “What I feel” is too difficult for me to construe.


What better REASON is there for me to dream?

Other than the future that looks so radiant;

What better PURPOSE is there to live and hope for?

Other than the feature that looks so brilliant.


And so,

Like a racing horse on firm bridle I scale through the mazes of aspersions,

Not letting the wide jaws of disappointments swallow my undying passion

Indeed I’ve learnt some hard lessons about life,

Lessons of how life could be full of pain and strife.


How achieving one’s dreams might seem so challenging and tough

How the road that leads to success might seem so distant and rough

Yet, what it seems doesn’t really matter much! ‘cos with the right coordination

The Lord who inspires our dreams will surely lead us safely to the right destination.


Though the path we see now may appear covered with mist;

If we walk through, the world will one day marvel at our gist.

When life seems tough just listen to His voice

For He alone can glisten the outcome of our choice.


(Poetry by Joseph Martin Alex)


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