Missionary journey

Take me to a place deep within

A place meant for winners, so illuminating

A place darkness cannot comprehend

A place of gleeful beginning to the end.

Take me to a place deep within

A place that strengthens my very belief

The place of the sweetest planter

Where seeds will germinate with relief faster.

Here I am send me

Anywhere and any way you want, tell me

I’m yours from now till the end

This kingdom is ours to defend.

Let’s raise the tempo high moving in the right direction

Let’s implement in style, heeding to holy instructions

From generation to revelation

Fruitfulness is seen in the deepest penetration.

Lay with me the missionary way

Let’s journey deep, looking straight in each other’s face

Taking you high in style to the heavenly place

Till we change position to fulfil our sensual aim.

Take me to the place deep within

Where no eyes, except ours can see.

Missionary journey

Yommy-Bishop (The Preacher’s Son)


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