(Based on the recent killings of the “Badoo gang”)

One very disgusting challenge of our time;

Is that some humans have perfected their hideous crime.

The time it only happens in horror movies are gone

As confirmed by those who’s loved ones are gone.


Gone because their lives were forcefully taken from them

Gone because our society secretly celebrates a culture of death

A culture that permits the use of human blood at the request of some deity

A culture fully immersed in practices shocking and dirty


A culture so absurd and repugnant to natural justice

Making no alignment with human conscience,

Truly, this isn’t some rocket science.

Facts are sacred and must not be treated with defiance.


Every hen emanated from the egg that were laid

Every Practice emanated from the precepts that were made.

Before now, our towns and cities have been secretly fortified

With blood sucking shrines that makes the innocent terrified.


Shadows of these cultures were labelled as sacred

According to the people who’ve named them sacred

Until the day a demand comes for human head

To bury one ruler lying cold and dead.


Now news like these are often buried in the night;

Buried by those who’ve mastered the art of the knight.

But it must be known that the killings didn’t start with the badoo gang;

It only sprouted from a foundation laid in the days of the bang.


It sprouted from an impending danger ignored;

It aggravated when the youth’s needs went unscored.

Knowledge of the truth has become faint and bleak

And man’s wickedness seems to be teaming at its peak

For many years they have been called herdsmen

But mere herdsmen don’t act like lions unleashed from their den

If you could just take courage and peep through the orchards

you’ll see that truly they act more like butchers


See the helpless around us broken and weak.

As their lives are chucked out before they could even speak

It is totally absurd to see the treason;

the evil perpetrated with unjustifiable reason.


It’s totally absurd that in their own land

Innocent citizens can’t even stand their ground

Because their lands have been invaded by terror

And the whole land is shaken with grief like tremor


Listen to the souls of the dead as they cry out through the dead of night

Calling on our goverment to rise quickly to their plight

For the time to act is now

Though late it may seem but we must act now

We must unite ourselves as a nation and stop this violence

We must from this day apply our good conscience


Only then will love for each other be radiated

And all unjust killings will then be eliminated.

Killings will be no more

Hate will be no more

Because then, we would have loved more.


(This poetry is based on the badoo killings, the anambra massacre and the recent herds men invasion. Written by Joseph Martin Alex © 2018)



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