www.thisisitng.com blank slate
www.thisisitng.com blank slate

The mind of man is originally a blank slate

“Tabula rasa” philosophers call it;

A Latin word describing a state of bareness, plainness or complete emptiness.

This is the state in which man was born;

We were all born knowing nothing,

Having no idea of who we are or who we are created to be.


Our mental registry was at record zero;

In this empty state we began to grow.

Learning about the world into which we have come;

Learning about the society to which we belong;

But most importantly, learning about ourselves.


None of us can claim to be born already knowing ourselves.

For our knowledge came through our experience-our perception;

Not through our impression or our intuition. No!

Our experience began from the time we were born;

And it does not end until we’ve reached our end.

It is a learning process that began from our cradle;

From the voices we hear and the lessons we get.

This is the reality of the endless journey towards self-discovery

The quest towards knowing ourselves

But sadly, many have lost themselves in this quest

Many have accepted a tainted view of who they are or what they think they are

Chewing and swallowing crazy trends

Believing whatever the society throws at them

Chasing phantoms, believing fallacies and fairy tales

You see, some have resorted to astronomy to discover themselves

Analyzing the stars and thinking Zodiac signs hold answers

But these are merely exercise in futility

And they only lead us to our stupidity

See, the reality is simply this:

To discover ourselves we must look back to our Genesis-Our beginning.

And if our beginning is “Tabula rasa”-meaning blank slate

Then the only one qualified to tell us who we are is our creator-our originator


Not our social media comments or our peers

Not the lines on our palm or the stars in the sky

Not some men with grey beards and fancy look.

For we are all mere creatures of dust

And our flesh’s end is merely food for worms

Our knowledge is limited by our experience

Our intellect is insufficient, our wisdom inadequate

But the truth is simply this:

Our soul is eternal and this is what matters

Our soul is restless until it finds rest in our creator

This is our revelation

The essence of our creation

The greatest cause of all time

The greatest quest of all seasons


And so, we must decide from today

Rather than get carried away

Searching for answers on pages of magazines

And articles on the internet

We must direct our soul to the direction to our soul’s creator

our origin, our God.

We cannot afford to allow vain things confuse us anymore

We must stand firm and fight vanities

Never allowing it to be registered on our blank slate


For only our creator can give us the answer that we need.

So we must seek him in truth

We must walk in his ways and stick to his light

For he alone has the principles that our soul needs.

And when this phantom of life comes to conclusion.

We who seek him in spirit and in truth will be with our creator

And upon our tabula rasa will be imprinted our true essence.

(Poetry by Joseph Martin Alex)


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