fire tear gas

Police fired ammunitions and tear gas against Anti-Government protesters as the protest which as been on for seven days now continues to grow stronger .Hundreds of Sudanese are seen matching towards the presidential palace demanding that Omar Al-Bashir their 29 years President steps down .

The protest resulted from the country recording about 20% unemployment and 70 % inflation in prices of commodities especially on bread of which its price is now double of what it was in the previous year .

The protest was organized by Sudanese professionals Association , a group of professional union which is supported by the National Umma Party ,one of the country’s top opposition parties .

The anti-government protest began 7 days ago and in the presidents first public speech in Atbara city He promised to introduce new economic reforms in the country to provide a more dignified life for the people of Sudan but also advised the people not to sow seeds of discord in the country.

A Large numbers of security forces were deployed across Khartoum on Tuesday to put the situation under control. Police also paraded the city with vehicles but started to fire tear gas and using batons and live ammunitions against the protesters to disperse them during the demonstration but the protestants never gave up their goal as they gather themselves again to continue their demonstration.

The people of Sudan have however shown their disinterest in the government since it has not done so much for them in 29 years .They bluntly kicked against the promised reforms and expressed their decision in bring an end to the unsatisfactory regime of their President Omar Al-Bashir.

The demonstrators were heard singing and chanting patriotic songs which implies :Peaceful , peaceful against the thieves “ and “The people want to bring down the regime “ anti-govt protest

However Government officials have blamed the chaotic situation on some infiltrators.

About 12 deaths have been recorded .Although credible sources have reported that about 37 protesters have been killed by the police during the anti-government protest .

SUNA however reported on Monday that 25 people have also been arrested by security forces in Sudan’s senar state for attempt sabotage and for planning to burn the Sennar municipal building and certain governmental and private institutions .

private TV channel Sudania 24 also reported that police have filed reports against the arrested suspects for sabotage in Gadarif state .

Schools have now been shut down and state of emergency and curfews have been declared all across states of the country . dozen wounded


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