By olushola byass

In this part of the world, marriage used to be sacred and strong. Although we still have some of those but divorce and separation is more prominent lately. What can actually be the reason behind it? Is the sexual bond not alive anymore? Or is true love overrrated?

Over the years i have been able to view a lot of marriages and all i see is couples only try to tolerate one another just to give the children the opportunity to have both parents but the couples don’t have or share a tangible bond.

Sex in our generation has become communal fun and not sacred, therefore no more flavor to the marriage. If both the wife and husband can get sex elsewhere apart from their union i feel marriages will continue to go downhill. Sex is meant to be shared with someone precious, intimate, special and loving. Sex is meant to be enjoyed and not endured, same for marriage too but i believe young people nowadays get married for the wrong reasons and therefore don’t appreciate or care about the actual reasons why people leave their families to be with a particular woman or man forever.


Let’s leave sex and move to “Love”, hmmmm i keep pondering when ever i write my articles like this because it makes my skin crawl when i see young people who confess love to their date/spouse and they don’t even have an iota of what love really is. Sometimes i have come to believe that even the Almighty Love isn’t enough in marriages lately, it takes more than love and a great sex to keep a marriage. People can’t put their fingers on the true meaning of love, yet we get married every weekend in a glamorous and fabulous event but WHERE IS THE REAL LOVE?

Readers, i know you all have your various ideas about marriage, love and sex but can you relax and think before walking down that aisle with that man or woman. Think about you been together for years, can i stick with that person for that long? what really attracts this person to me and me to him/her?. Don’t just think about about the in love and butterflies in the stomach feelings, don’t think about the great, hot and steamy sex, but just think about what that person really means to you. And finally ask yourself if it’s truly enough to make you take that finally walk with that person.




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