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Seduced by every of his action

Induced by songs of strange passion
The gesticulation, corresponding ejaculation
Sweet words that climax every information
Positive energy that lures men to lust
Blinded trust, very unjust.
Seduced by his eloquence
His showmanship, sometimes his insolence
Motivational words that are clearly cut out
Fashion style proportionally blown out
Flamboyant life, affection set on earth
Heavenly deception planted in your heart.
Seduced by his holy ploy
Deceptive miracles like a war in troy
Leading souls the wrong way
Making them the devil’s prey.
Though they beckon you to come pray
But the focus is in the money you drop in tray.
Seducers; Seductress
Organizing an unholy conference
They care not about your heaven
They only seek financial haven.
Beware of false Prophets and doctrine
Manipulating your mind, soul and body.
Seducers; Seductress
Using you to build a fortress
They care not about your soul
They are only after their goal.
Your money, sometimes your body
When you fall prey, it fractures your glory.
Beware of these con stars
Parading themselves as Ministers
Brandishing and flaunting words of heresy
Giving God a wiper, not thinking of the nemesis.
Wolves in sheep clothing an unholy heathen

Beware of their seduction while you are still breathing.

Remember, man appoints but only God Annoints.
(2Peter 2: 1-4)



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