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Soon the bells will jingle……

Every human ear will tingle
The Celestial songs will be sang
The percussion will loudly bang
The timbres and brass will clap
Please save the lovely date in your heart.
Save the date,
Its a day that entertains no hate
A day that will be felt in all states.
A day beyond our calendar
The date that cannot be stopped by no barrister
Please save the date my young and beautiful sisters.
Its the day I will merry
The day we will receive our blessings
Our works will be gladly shown
Our fears away be thrown
Righteousness will be enlisted for the throne
Please, save the date on your own.
The bells will again jingle
There will be no time to mingle
Birds will sing sweetly
The heaven will open swiftly
Celestial songs will be heard
Brothers, save the date in your head.
Save the date so you won’t be found wanting
Save the date, the hour is counting
Its the day of the good planter
A day beyond our calendar
The date of our Lord
The holy harvest written from above.
Don’t be left behind
The date is near, the message is clear.
©Yommy Bishop.
(Parable of the Date and Time)


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