Have you ever experienced rejection?

That sad feeling of intense dejection

arising from dismissal or refusal of your proposal.


Have you ever been turned down?

have your efforts been melted down

Your emotions locked down

and your zeal dampened or deadened by rejection?

Have you ever tasted that feeling of frustration?


That instance when all you hear

are what you dread and fear?

You hear the echoes of failure,

and it seems to give you heart failure.

And all you could do is snooze and brood over all your failings.

All night long.

(Brief pause)


Have you ever faced rejection?


Perhaps you’ve been tossed around once or twice,

misunderstood when you tried to be nice,

and called a fool when you thought you were wise.

You’ve probably been insulted,

Cursed, abused and derided.

Voices and opinions of others might have chocked you,

Those you looked up to might have mocked you,

and levelled all forms of accusations at you.

When all you seek is something right and true.


You try so hard and patiently to be you

Yet the thick walls of frustration stares back at you

From the blue.


That’s the experience of rejection

The action of spuring and repudiation,

Of ostracisation and exclusion.

Forcing us to give up the stress,

embrace distress, regress and finally recess.

It lies lurking on our journey to success.

It’s like a ballistic missile designed to hinder our progress.

Rejection seeks to kill us and erase us

To limit us and shake us

to shatter our dreams and drain us

of every bit of confidence in us.

But this is just what it seems,

Not really what it means.

It’s only part of the scheme.


Rejection is a kind of strife

Rejection is all part of life,

(Brief pause)


I’m not an expert in psychology or philosophy.

Neither am I saying this to get paid a dime

I’ve only been rejected many times

I can’t even recount the times

I’m trying to give you some leverage so you can climb;

And escape from the deep pit of rejection, leaving all the challenges behind.

There is a bright side to rejection

Take a look at scriptures and you’ll see the reflection

Joseph was rejected for his ambitious dreams

But rejection couldn’t erase the greatness in his genes

Moses was rejected for his murder

But our God is not a recorder of our disorder

David was rejected by King Saul

But nothing could stop an anointed soul

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were bounded up and thrown into the fire

But they were made indestructible even by the fire,

Daniel was despised and casted into a dry well

But God used King Nebuchadnezzar, the most ruthless King that ever lived to save him from the dry well.

The ten Lepers were rejected and confined in exile

But right there in their loneliness they were saved by the Messiah


The woman with haemorrhage was rejected by the society

But somehow she took the giant step, escaping from her anxiety

Jesus Christ our Lord

The king of kings and Lord or Lords

Was betrayed,




crucified and killed

but in his painful rejection,

he purchased for us divine redemption

and expiation from all our transgression

A liberation from the shackles of oppression, dejection and rejection

All purchased through the power of his glorious resurrection

The rejected stone

Has now become the cornerstone

And If there’s anything these stories tells us

It is that rejection does not define us

So why should it even bother us

Rejected or not, God is still with us

It doesn’t matter how matter how often you’ve been told: “You’re not good enough”

It doesn’t matter how matter how many proposals you’ve written

Or how many CVs you’ve submitted.

What matter is that God is with you

Life may have your throat and try to choke you

But God has your heart and he will never let go

So just remember that to God you are amazing

You are wonderful

Chosen by him and not forsaken

Even through the deepest seas of rejection

And the crooked path to frustration

God is always ther to liberate you

To uplift you

And to restore all that you’ve lost.

(An Easter Special based on Christ’s Death and Resurrection)


Written by Joseph Martin Alex

Inspired by: + Sanctus Spiritus+



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