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Querida my Diva

Today I’ve chosen to be your love Ninja
I will fight for you across the Niger
Until to you all hands surrender.
Querida my Diva
With you I will sail across this river
Even though we both shiver
We will be together forever.
Querida my Diva
You are my Prima donna
Our love will flourish in the fauna
Cos’ you are my Queen Madonna.
Querida my Diva
Your elegance and beauty I admire
Your modesty has got me inspired
You are my soul desire.
Querida my Diva
You are a generous giver
Only you can heal this fever
Only you can make me ginger.
Querida my Diva
You are my ”Lavida loca”
The one joker in my poker
With you I’m forever a winner.
Querida my Diva
For you these lines are delivered
Nothing can change this love my diva
Not a bag of Gold nor a piece of Silver.
With you I’m Born again my diva.
by ©Yommybishop


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