HART is an organization that encourages and promote mind engaging contents that seeks to “speak truth to power” in all spheres of how we are complacent to the root causes of our underdevelopment.

Truth be told, until all hands are on deck, towards changing our attitudes, when performing duties, providing services, carrying out responsibilities, obligations, either as volunteers, parent, caregivers, guardians, mentors, leaders, managers, administrators ,preachers, counselors both in our homes, religious centers, public and private learning institutions, public and private sectors of the social, economic and political institutions there would not be a new Nigeria .

HART , an acronym for Hamza AL ‘Mustapha Reform Team, is an organization of credible leadership, birthed on the premises of having witnessed Nigeria in the past four (4) decades since after the end of the civil war, especially from the early 80s when we first had democracy experience that was truncated by a military coup, which ousted out the civil administration led by SHEHU SHAGARI out of power .Up until early 90s, in another attempt for a democratic dispensation and was aborted through the annulment of “JUNE 12” for mysterious reasons and up until the late 90s, after the demises of late GEN. SANI ABACHA, MKO ABIOLA respectively. Hence the current democratic dispensations from 1999 till date.

HART, therefore is a catalyst for non-violent social changes, ready to wade in for the youth, government through social economic and political reforms ,by collaborating , partnering with relevant organizations, thereby harnessing the arable grounds for sustainable development goals (SDGs), economic expansions, social innovations, social enterprises and Entrepreneurship ,youth and women Inclusion in leadership-driven programs, through private, public partnerships (PPPs), civil society organizations (CSOs), government and non-governmental (NGOs) and agencies, through engagements in areas of corporate governance, political leadership and participation, education on civic rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities as a citizen for social development and rebuilding of stronger national value system, revamping public trust and confidence among stakeholders

HARTIANS as they called themselves, the Nigerian youth within the country and in the diaspora has decided without biased judgment or sentiments ,over ethnicity , religion tribe ,language ,and all that makes us a diverse society .Therefore the youth of Nigeria  carefully made the choice of leadership with equitability, accountability, empathy, selflessness, patriotism, loyalty, reliability, and dependability, boldness, soundness-of-the-mind, intelligent and intellectual leadership qualities.

All these are genetic traits, embedded ,discovered and found to run in the DNA of Dr. Hamza Al’Mustapha a social, economic and political reform enthusiast, right activist, justice advocate and masses ambassador.

Hence the reasons for his being HART’S social Personality influencer, key opinion leader (KOL), Grand-patron, Principal, brand ambassador, Chief human resource executive, human capital and capacity builder, youthful, stimulating, motivating , inspiring, hope-giving, audacious, creative, and innovative brain writer and brainstormer through critical thinking leadership, for informed and rational decision making derived from actionable intelligence fro policy implementation and project execution.

Watch the video below to have an insight of some of the aforementioned attributes of Hamza Al’Mustapha in relation to his approach to one of the major Nigerian fundamental institutional problems which he identified as ‘decaying institution’ as a potential solution  for the nation’s policing system as recommendations fro the Nigerian police reform.


Having watched the video, you will observe that with the kind of leadership attributes  embedded in Hamza Al’mustapha’s sense of reasoning, towards institutional reforms as a fundamental problem which he identified long ago while he was much younger as a youth during one of his appearances in the OPUTA PANEL prior to the recent youth protest (#ENDSARS), against police brutality and other related police excessive handling, violations , abuses and misuse of authority against the rights of the civil society under a democratic process .In view of this assertion Hamza Al’Mustapha posses the prerequisite leadership qualities needed at this critical time of our country’s history,  the brinks of total institutional collapse, insecurity, in different forms and shapes ravaging the safety of the of the society across board.

National security as a bedrock for national sustainability, having Hamza Al’Mustapha as a president will help to provide a stable society that will promote economic growth, enhanced prosperity, and other basic democratic dividends, beneficial to the citizens. There would not have been (ENDSARS) protest organized by the youth compelling the government to reform the police institution if Nigeria has the likes of Hamza Al’Mustapha in authority to implement policies that can bring about sustainable institutional reforms as against the existing worst case scenarios that the country has witnessed in recent times .

It is therefore worthy of note to acknowledge every fact behind the youth’s choice of having hamza Al’mustapha as the right Nigerian for the job to bridge the gap, the missing link, while providing a national defense and security fro the safety of the vulnerable Nigerian youth, unemployed, weak in the society, women, old, and the physically challenged persons who has suffered as a result of the ‘institutional decay’.



Comrade Anselm Sedi.

HART National President.


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