www.thisisitng.com poerty of my soul
www.thisisitng.com poerty of my soul

In the poetry of my soul

I am alert and conscious on my own
Life is a comical business
Nothing funnier than love travelling through time and being influenced.
She touches with the softness of a baby, yet slaps you hard and crazy
She wraps you with her warmness and later makes you feel her coldness.
Love is a misgiving
Never be tricked into believing
Romance in our bones,
Yet you need a compass to take you home.
Be careful, love comes mostly from strangers
Betrayal from those you call your own
Life is a hitch, most times difficult to unfold.
In the poetry of my soul
I am alert and conscious on my own
Death is inevitable, always showing his
ace cards on the table
He kicks down the door unannounced to kiss a man
Shred him down and ruin his plans
Don’t let him fool you, even though he’s richly dressed
Vanity is it all, life is a competitive stress.
Love and death are connivers
A poisonous betrayal
They lure you into deception
Makes you lose focus on redemption.
Sorry if I won’t cry when you are gone.
This soul will rather again wait for the rising sun
Staying in lane in a sacred position
Taking pre-caution, with my cards close to heart
Seeking direction, till we all depart.
©Yommy Bishop
Remember, when the purpose of life is not understood, life ends with regrets, it is lived as a burden and disaster becomes the end.


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