Most times we try to base Love on our feelings.

Many authors,  preachers and counsellors have made matters even worse by giving us that common cliché : “Follow your feelings”. But this isn’t a criteria to be in Love or to express Love.


You see, Love isn’t based on mere feelings. Love is beyond feelings.

Let’s cuddle on.

Feelings are so inconsistent -They come and go as time passes. If love is based on feelings then we would have 50 times the number of broken relationships we have today. People would get bored and see that as opportunity to withdraw from Love.

Marriages would be absurd because couples still hurt each others feelings sometimes.


If Love was based on feelings, then it would merely be a “momentary expression” and not that unending Love which St. Paul talks about in 1Cor 13.


If we only love people simply because they make you feel nice-Then call it something else not Love.


To Love is a choice and that’s what Christ did at Gethsemane (Matt.  26:36-46). Even when He didn’t feel like embarking on that sorrowful journey, He still made the Choice to die for us-This is authentic Love.

(Looking back we can say it wasnt easy but it was worth it).


To Love is to make a choice.

To submit ourselves to God’s will and not ours.

To do this we must open our hearts without holding back.


The challenge we often have is that we tend to be moved by sight rather than by faith.

We tend to get carried away with our own idea of what we want without caring to know what God wants.


We tend to be afraid that we might be rejected or misunderstood.

We fear that we might not get what we want.

There’s no room for fear in a Love that is guided by Choice. Not our own choice but God’s will.

When we make God’s will our Choice like Christ did,  we can never be heart broken or in the wrong.


All true Love comes from God (1John4:7) and we must submit our will to him when we claim to be in Love.

It’s okay if you want it the other way but hey!  If you want true Love,  seek it in Jesus and there in his nail-pierced hands you will find the courage to Love without holding back as he did.


May God help us to Love what He loves as He loves. Amen.

©2018 Written by José Martinéz


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