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Have you seen her.?

She was the climax of creation
The grand finale of God’s invention
A companion to her Adam
A “help meet” to help him fulfill destiny and achieve stardom
The rhythm that brings harmony to his sound
Without her, his music is noise all around.
She’s the ark God built for him in the storm
She’s his fortress and light in the dark
The element of his love and instrument of passion
She alone can spur him to action.
Have you seen her.?
The lady that purposed in her heart to be different
Her dressing is modest and her words are decent
Progressive is she, enough to be an entrepreneur
Ready to clothe her children
She eat not the bread of idleness.
Strength and honour are her clothing
Wisdom is dispensed from her inside
Kindness resides in her system
She sees her husband as her duty
And understands good character is beauty.
Have you seen her.?
The true lover and the real mother
Who understands what it takes to build a home
And the process in the beauty of Rome
A friend that understand too much loads break the wagon
Not putting a load of burden on her man
But ready to support him through every second
A woman that knows her responsibilities and believes in possibilities
She bridles her tongue and gives words of affirmation
She’s contented and committed
She’s not a manipulator but a motivator
Her husband calls her blessed.
Have you seen her.?
Not she who left the bedroom for a boardroom
Nor she who left the kitchen for a spa
But the lady that can create the balance
And sing with her king songs of life in stanzas
The Eve that won’t allow her ambition compromise the marital institution
That will respect her Adam and won’t see him as a competition.
She that knows the essence of a war room
Ready to pray for her home, families and her groom.
She was removed from him
That is why he was attracted to her
She’s the softer clay side of him
His tenderness and that emotions he couldn’t share
She’s the peace in him that was never there
The missing rib that left his side hollow
The part that completes him
His strength and energy that wipes away his sorrow.
Have you seen her.?
A friend and a true companion
Who kiss beyond the body
But passionately reach deeper to the soul
A Confidant that gives confidence
She who understands that sex last for a few minutes
But friendship last forever
She’s a wife, she’s a jewel
She’s a virtuous woman.
(Have you seen her.?)
Yommy Bishop.


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