More than once

More than twice

I’ve been in doubt.

I’ve doubted my gifts and questioned my abilities;

Looked down on myself

And tried to live up to what they expect.


I’ve limped at every mockery,

Cried at every treachery.

Crumbled at every criticism.

And whimpered at signs of skepticism.


I’ve been hunted by blows of aspersions.

Restrained by chains of aversions.

Betrayed by false confrontation.

And pinned down by nails of crucifixion.


I’ve wished I could disappear

Just vanish and reappear in another planet

Until I realized all these feeling are arrows of despair

Fashioned to pierce through me like a Spear

Until I noticed there have always been a Man.

Who to my prayer have been Amen.

Who through my sighs have brought comfort

He alone defends me so my Light will come forth

Sparkling through the gloom that now surrounds me.

He has made my soul untouchable like the winds

And my success He made unstoppable like the seasons.

On His wings he carries me

Under His shadow he hides me

So I can live above my doubts and my strength and my fears.

He’s just all I need.


(Poem written by Joseph Martin Alex)

Copyright ©2018


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