www.thisisitng.com- last night
www.thisisitng.com- last night

Last night I cried

I cried over the rottenness of men
And the truth they cannot defend
For the cancerous decay in the flesh of our society
By the daily ejaculation of these evil philosophies
The philosophy that have been accepted and conceptualized
The demonic display that got us all hypnotized.
I cried for the pointless agendas that has invaded our calendars
The needful defenders that are gone till November
And the needless Avengers that are seen on arrival.
Last night I cried for the love we never made
And the reasons we slave through these social gates
Affection that has been long lost
Connection that was initially forced.
I cried for the rough and painful Penetration
That left the virgin with pain pleasure and blood
I wept for the atheist that believe in no God
For the bubbles that we burst and souls we daily lost
Through the nonchalance of our leaders
It all started like a joke with the military rulers.
Democracy came and made us crazy
Militancy started
We thought they are just creek boys that are lazy
It took a turn with the boko boys
Disguising to be a body of Islam with boko bombs
Flesh and blood daily seen everywhere
Same news we hear every year.
I cried for the souls we don’t value
The security details our leaders couldn’t handle
Same reasons we kept mourning and burning needless candles
Oh what a shame, what a debacle.
Now that the herdsmen are on a rampaging bloody display
I can assure you, this blood bath has been put on replay.
Last night I cried for our clergymen
Our Bishops and Imams who celebrates the illegalities of these greedy men
Men of honour, whose minds are full of horror
Political bastards, that steals our sovereign wealth with no conscience
What else can be compared to this socioeconomic nonsense
Yet our pastors refrain the truth
Just for the digits and money bags transferred to their boots
With their tithes and offerings they take covering
Leaving the poor congregation to a mass suffering
They brandish in their apparel like lords
Speaking in an arrogant and an unholy tongue
They pray for these men of evil
Yet they claim they cast out the devil
Twisting the truth embedded in the bible
Oh Lord save us from this religious riddle.
Last night I cried
I cried for the youth in this generation
That now believe in nothing but a painless penetration
Those that has taken up pleasure as a lifestyle
Not ready to work but sag, twerk and act the gangster
The ones that believe there’s no job better than a blow job
And will do anything immoral to get to the top.
I cried for morals that has been eroded
The walk to stardom that made them deluded
I cried for youth on twitter throwing banters
They live a life of no meaningful stanzas.
I cried for the baby mama’s
That did the wrong thing to climb the ladder
And the baby papa’s that forgot the law of karma.
Last night I cried for me
I cried for you
I cried for a future that looks never to be true
While we still hoping in the freshness of the morning dew
Last night might be my last night
The night I will masturbate with pain
And ejaculate these words of truth
But someday i pray i will enjoy a safe penetration
That requires no noisy altercation.
A penetration into the political class of my generation
Hoping this will happen without a Revolution.


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