Chocolate, caramel, black, fair, white skins are all the same to me, same goes for faces. No one is actually ugly, some can be pretty on the outside and rotten on the inside. But my question here is “Is a pretty face enough” to choose your spouse, friends, employees etc
Humans generally get attracted to people with awesome facial features, it’s like a first instinct that draws you towards someone. In due time that we get to know the person more we tend to see different sides of the person, some may be nice and some may not.


For some ladies nowadays it’s all about looking good and fair for a man that may actually not be attracted to your pretty face but what you can bring to the table like ideas, business strategies,opinions ,good character and sensible talk. Although some men tend to go for the trophy wife just to build their ego or status, but why don’t you just be more than a beautiful woman, be brave, be brilliant, be bright, be a part of a progressive team with your spouse, work fellows etc.
For the guys, please can you be more than the six pack dude or the beard gang dude. It takes more than an athletic body or a well trimmed beard to have your ideal family or become the successful CEO. Yes it’s good and fantastic to look good and clean but one has to work harder to attain the height of greatness you dream of achieving.
It swings both ways for men and women that looking pretty isn’t enough to grow, one needs to work, study, make yourself useful and increase your idea box and implement it. If you are just a pretty girl and no brains, it’s quite a loss, and if you are a cute guy with nothing to put your finger on then that’s a loss too.
I know readers will be like what’s going through my head before i wrote this, i just feel like we should attend to our mind and brain like the way we attend to our wardrobe and looks.




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