(Based on the recent fighting in Edo State’s House of Assembly)

Poetry by Joseph Martin Alex


See the paradox of “shameless politics” upon us,

“Honourable thugs” in their regalia, ganged up around us.

The respected gathering of “law makers”

Suddenly becoming a gang of butt kickers.


Our Jaws seems to drop perplexed at the ridicule;

The “madness” displayed at the heart of Law’s pinnacle.

Ethics of the profession doesn’t seem to guide their actions

And our nations’ image suffers scorn from their acts without any sanctions.


In a time like this, the truth is like a bitter pill

But if swallowed courageously, it wouldn’t kill,

The cabinet has been adorned with legislative thugs

And the effect is seen in the nation’s wheels that are clogged


The sad reality is simply this:

Pay attention and you’ll find the reason for the display of shame

It lies in their greed, their quest for power and fame

While Poor citizens continue to die for insecurity

Our law makers are too busy fighting for authority


Our Tertiary institutions have been shut down for months;

Teacher’s salaries have been unpaid for years;

And all we get are promises to confirm our fears.

Oh yes, they can fight! But what they fight for is just this,

They fight for their own interest and not for justice


They fight for their families and not for you and I

And here we stand and watch through heavy eyes.

The obvious reality is just this:

They fight, not for the poor masses whom they represent;

They fight for their political interests that they represent.


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