Observe! the clear disparity between what’s done and what they say!

It’s like a Pinocchio in a “truth party” with only lies to say.

You can take note of these insights if you may;

For they may spare us all from certain dismay.


Time after time, they rush to us with a new name;

Seeking for our votes just to play a new game;

And like a clatter bell ringing for a wedding;

We dance to their jingles without even thinking.


Indeed they’ve mastered the art of mind play;

And many have fallen into their whims as prey.

They are good at twisting the facts! Sugar coating the lies;

But the root is still totally and absolutely based on lies.


It’s based on their quest for power which won’t stop till we groan;

Till we all realize they have a mind of their own.

Till we take conscious decisions that matters;

Till we take away all forms of sentiments in electoral matters.


Only then will the right choices be made;

Only then will concerned leaders be raised.

“Honourable liars” will then be rebuked;

And our nation’s image will once again be rebuilt.


(Based on many unfulfilled campaign Promises and all those lies repeated to us on campaign grounds)


Poetry by Joseph Martin Alex


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