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Lu-chi lu-chi la-la

A sound of question seeking answers
Trying to paint for the world on this Canvass
“Lone” is just an unavoidable stanza.
You walked me through that deepest valley
Even through the darkest alley
You laid with me on my bed
You found your way around my head.
Your presence in me looks much a blessing
But I knew from start its all for my lesson
A self awareness of who I am and where I belong
Exploration of my self worth all along.
From count of noun to Thirty-five
Your tenses have made me fortified
Its true I’ve learnt a lot with you
But you are too good to be true.
I cried by Babylon’s still river
I’ve been rescued from Zion by an Angel “Diva”
Even when you walked me I kept hope alive
To see beyond you and find destiny revived.
Tell “Lone” I’ve found my way home
Finally to a paradise of melodious tone
Zion’s flowing blessings to my longing soul
A place I am made totally whole.
Bye to “Lone”, I am home.


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