Since the year began its been date bill this and date bill that, and i have rolled my eyes up and down till I’m really pissed with the way both guys and ladies handle date bills. Why is this still bothering people this year again, haven’t we learned to handle this date bill issues, as in please let’s grow up and handle things differently and stop coming to disturb people on social media.
For the guys please must you sleep with a lady after taking her to dinner or a date, can’t you just take a lady out, get to know her, share stories, ideas and don’t overdo beyond your pockets and start complaining that the lady is a foodie. If you know you aren’t buoyant, take her to a place that fits your pocket, let her know before you take her out. If she’s trying to change the venue to something not comfy with you, try to let her reason with you and if she’s not reasonable let her pay for her own bills or seek for a reasonable lady.
Ladies, please let’s try to be reasonable with this guys too and not be gluttons when we go on dates. If you know you want to go on dates, try to have what i call “VEX MONEY”,it’s like your personal cash when a guy wants to act funny, eat accordingly to your pocket and don’t help him pay for fuel when he pretends not to have cash in his wallet. Going on date isn’t an opportunity for eating what you can’t pay for, so ladies please be alert, don’t eat beyond your wallet, and don’t go and disgrace yourself by been a glutton. It’s either the guy runs away and you wash all the plate in the restaurant, which won’t be funny.
So my advice is for both guys and ladies, be wary of smart guys and glutton girls, stay alert and don’t let anyone use you to catch trips. Make plans and agreement before the date, say your mind and always have a plan B.


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