www.thisisitng.com darkest hour .jpg
www.thisisitng.com darkest hour .jpg

When night falls

And shadow comes along
When blue skies fade off
And dark cloud plays with the moon light curve.
The birds sing no more
The voice of the crickets take over the hall
The twinkling of the stars is gone
Its beauty is taken over by raging storm.Heard the whistling of the breeze
As it sings along with the clapping of different trees
Heard fingers tap of unmended roofs
As they play along to the seemingly night groove.

It looks all hope is lost, maybe the end has come
The night seems long, through all the trouble spots
Fear looms in the air, seems no one is there
And your holy screams just sound helpless in ears.

Never give up, there is a light that resides in you
It will take you through the darkest hour
It will give you strength and power.
That light is Christ, that light is ours.


©Yommy Bishop



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