ybia Ministy of foreign affairs attacked

libya ministry under attack

On Tuesday unidentified men armed with machine guns stormed the ministry of foreign affairs in Libya capital tripoli three men where killed one of which is a high ranked official in the ministry and also leaving about 18 others injured .

The official killed was the head of a department at the foreign affairs ministry .

According to Tarak al-Dawass a special forces spokesman in libya “It is a terriorist attack and he marked the Islamic State of Iraq and the ISIS group responsible “.

A car bomb exploded near the building which prompted security officials to run to the scene while another suicide bomber made his way into the second floor of the building setting the floor on fire. The second attacker died when his suitcase exploded and the third unarmed assailant was killed outside the building by security forces .

According to a politician Guma El-Gamaty who was around the vicinity around 9.30 am “2 of the gun men had died in the attack after the terrible explosion in the upper floor of the building setting the top floor on fire while the smoke engulf the whole floor but there were security and emergency services putting the situation under control .

fire under control

Libyas foreign minister Mohammed siala spoke in a news conference,he said “This attack will not discourage the ministry staff from serving libya and the libyan people “

Moreover the UN support mission in libya also protest against the effect of the attack saying “Terrorism will not triumph over the Libyans’ decision to move forward towards building their state and renouncing violence. We will not accept any attack on a state institution, especially one committed by a terrorist group.


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