Raising the present new generation of children today could be very intricate and frustrating as a result of the social and technological influence over every aspect of life in which the children is no exception .

Today we have internet parents and online extended who school your children in the gen Z order shaping their minds with misleading quotes and wrong narration .Cultural values. are now old fashioned and no longer hold waters hence it’s imperative for every parent to adopt a safe and productive style of upbringing for their children .

As parents you may be confused on what training style you can adopt but here are some good tips which will guide you on your path to a better parenting and successful upbringing for the children .

1. Positive Reinforcement: Encourage and reward good behavior to help develop positive habits in your child.

2. Spend Quality Time: Spend quality time with your child by engaging them in activities, talking to them, and listening to their concerns.

3. Give Open Praise: Use open praise to recognize your child’s achievements and show that you’re proud of them.

4. Set Boundaries: Set clear boundaries to help your child understand what is expected of them and the consequences for their actions.

5. Teach Responsibility: Teach your child to be responsible by giving them tasks that are age-appropriate and gradually increasing the difficulty as they grow up.

6. Encourage Independence: Allow your child to make decisions and learn from their mistakes to build independence and self-confidence.

7. Foster Creativity: Encourage creativity by providing your child with opportunities to explore different forms of art, music, and literature.

8. Be a Good Role Model: Set a positive example for your child by exhibiting traits such as kindness, empathy, and good personal habits.

9. Practice Good Communication: Practice good communication habits by listening attentively to your child, using positive body language, and being available for conversation.

10. Provide a Safe Environment: Provide a safe and supportive environment by nurturing a positive family culture, providing stability, and ensuring basic needs are met.


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